ForkSocks™ are designed to fit over forklift forks to protect products and materials from scratching, rubbing and sharp fork tips. Constructed with heavy-duty material and a double reinforced toe, ForkSocks are durable and attach securely with a bungee cord.
TrackSocks™ are similar to TireSocks but used to protect finished flooring from scuff marks caused by rubber tracks. They are easy to install, durable and don’t slip off the track.
CasterSocks™ are a similar concept to TireSocks but used on smaller wheels of dollies, carts, pallet jacks, hospital beds and other equipment.
OutriggerSocks™ are used to protect finished flooring from scratching, scuffing and other damage caused by extended outriggers. OutriggerSocks are durable and easy to install.
MotorSocks™ are used to protect finished flooring from hydraulic fluid leaks that might occur at the drive motors on electric scissor lifts. MotorSocks should be considered when purchasing a DripDiaper.

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