DripDiapers are used to protect finished flooring from fluid leaks caused by equipment. A replaceable absorptive pad in the center of each DripDiaper collects the fluids that may leak from the chassis of the equipment. This cost effective alternative to the typical plastic/ duct tape method is more effective and saves you time and effort.


Additional Info

  • Wheel base:
    Wheel base in cm Part. Number
    Up to: 122 x 152 4860DD
    Up to: 122 x 183 4872DD
    Up to: 122 x 244 4896DD
    Up to: 183 x 244 7296DD
    Up to: 244 x 305 96120DD
    Up to: 305 x 366 120144DD
    Up to: 366 x 610 144240DD
    Pre-cut 4860DD for GR20 GR20DD
    Pre-cut 4872DD for Skyjack 3219 3219DD
    Pre-cut 4896DD for Skyjack 3226 3226DD
  • Downloads:
    Filename Size
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