Compact and easy to transport, the SMC TL90 lighting tower is available with either 1000W or 400W Metal Halide lamps which provide a strong and even light stream. The lighting tower functions in all climatic conditions and with a comprehensive and protected monitoring system, they are suitable for a wide range of industries and applications. The SMC Advanced Safety System is fitted as standard with fully bunded tank, a central lifting eye, forklift pockets and accessible lashing down points for ease of loading at ground level. Zintec plated canopy to prevent rust and corrosion.
A selection of high efficiency LED lighting towers. SMC TL90 LED’s are available with either a Kubota Z482 or D905 1500rpm water-cooled engines that offer customers the latest technology in the mobile lighting market with low emissions, reliability and improved fuel efficiency with up to 177 hours of uninterrupted operation. Compact and easy to transport the 4 x 300W powerful LED lamp heads offer directional, clear and crisp light with a spread up to 100 metres.

The TL90 LED model powered by a Kubota D905 option has the ability to link up three machines for outstanding fuel economy and a sequential runtime of up to 400 hours. This option offers both environmental and commercial benefits with reduced fuel and service costs.

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