The legendary PD-55. The PD-55 has been the market leader in driving posts for almost 40 years. With its weight of only 25 kg, the extremely strong PD-55 is suitable for various applications. From driving posts in dense clay to driving posts with a large diameter, this means no problem at all for the PD-55. The PD-55 is highly suitable for driving T-profile posts, steel posts and wooden posts with a diameter of up to 95 millimeters. This can optionally be extended to a diameter of 105 millimeters or square wooden posts up to 100 x 100 mm.
As the smallest version in the large series, the PD-110 offers the perfect balance between a handy and powerful machine. With its weight of 50 kilo, the PD-110 is a powerful machine that easily performs difficult tasks. The PD-110 is suitable for driving posts with a diameter of 50 to 89 millimeters hollow posts, and solid posts up to a diameter of 105 mm.
The PD-140 is the real powerhouse. No other machine can compete with the Return on Investment (R.O.I.) and the power of this machine. The PD-140 is ideal for driving varying large posts, like for example foundation piles, corner posts, concrete posts, wooden posts, strong aluminum posts and much more, up to a diameter of 100 mm.
The PD-200 is the perfect choice for driving tree trunks, round and square posts. Using a special adapter it’s easy to drive posts of up to 300 mm.

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