Powered by a Honda 4-stroke engine, the Rhino® Ranch Pro™ Petrol Powered Driver is powerful and can drive posts in seconds. It is easy to transport and operate. Weighing only 17 KG when fully fuelled, a single person can quickly handle post driving tasks. Rhino® has ergonomically designed the handles for weight distribution and incorporated internal vibration dampening for the operator’s comfort. Rhino® Ranch Pro™ components are engineered to the highest quality and for durability.
The RHINO® FENCE PRO™ is engineered to deliver more power to drive larger posts. The design includes a 63,5 mm chuck equipped with RHINO® Chuck-Lok™ Adapter Technology. This innovative post adapter system increases driving efficiency by aligning post to optimum striking position, prolongs tool life, and provides flexibility to quickly adapt to different post sizes in the field. The Fence Pro™ comes with various special adapters. The Fence Pro™ is the perfect tool for post driving tasks across several industries such as erosion control, agricultural, livestock, professional fence contractors, sign installation, rental tent installation and many more.
The Rhino Fence Pro tent stake edition is specially designed to drive tent stakes into the ground. The adapter fitted in this machine fits exactly on a tent stake with Ø 5 cm head. Besides the diameter, the adapter is shorter as the standard chuck as well. This gives you the opportunity to drive the tent stake deeper into the ground. The Tent Stake edition is equal to the standard Fence Pro machine with exception of the adapter.
Like the Rhino® Ranch Pro™ and Fence Pro™, it is powered by a Honda 4-stroke engine, but the Multi-Pro™ has been engineered with increased driving dynamics needed to drive larger posts and versatility to take on more post driving applications. The design includes ergonomically balanced cushioned grip handles, Rhino® CIS™ antivibration dampening, Rhino® Tension Grip™ crankcase cover for fast inspection and maintenance, and the Rhino® Chuck-Lok™ Adapter System that allows the operator to quickly install post adapters in the field.
With the Rental-Pro as basis, the chuck of the Rental-Pro is longer and the anvil is heavier. For this machine only there are adapters available with a bigger diameter to drive bigger posts. The new heavier anvil provides a stronger force to drive bigger posts. Adapters specially designed for this machines have a diameter of 8 and 10 cm round and 7 x 7 cm square.

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