General’s DUC-PAC™ flexible ventilation ducts are constructed from a heavyweight, vinyl-impregnated polyester material. For non hazardous type locations. Seams are glued and heat-sealed to maximize tear strength and minimize internal airflow restrictions. The spiral wire helix reinforcement is contained within the duct body and utilizes a heavy-duty wear strip which helps extend service life when dragged over pavements and other jobsite surfaces. An integral storage bag, complete with carry strap, is included as a standard accessory and helps provide added protection from damage while not in use. Resists temperature from -30°C till +121°C.

Model Application Length in m Weight in KG
FD815 EP8ACP 4,5 3,6
FD825 EP8ACP 7,6 5,8
FD1225 EP12ACP 7,6 7,7
FD1250 EP12ACP 15,0 15,4
FD1625 EP16ACP 7,6 meter 18,1
Allow two lengths of flexible ducts to be attached together with clamps. Heavy duty, 24 gauge, galvanized or stainless steel construction. For use in non-hazardous locations only. Increased duct length can be substantially reduce air flow rate.

Model Application
FD8C FD815 & FD825
FD12C FD1225 & FD1250
FD16C FD1625