The 240H Series Hole Digger is the first one-man, hand-held hole digger to feature an all position, 4 Stroke engine. No more mixing oil with petrol. No more separate fuel cans. And, no more smokey exhaust mess, because of the Honda engine meets current EPA emission standards. The 240H is built with professional features that make it ideal both contractors and homeowners alike. Performance to dig up to a 203 mm diameter hole in a variety of soil classifications. Built with oversized ball bearings, heat treated shafts and precise, machine-cut gears designed to deliver long service life and good ROI. The unique ComfortZone™ operator handle design helps maximize strength while reducing the effects of kickback and body fatigue.

For use with the 2135 Series earth augers and auger extension.
The model 235 offers an uncompromising balance of power, performance and utility in a light weight, two-man Hole Digger. Its Briggs & Stratton engine directly mounts to a totally enclosed, oil-lubricated transmission for maximum efficiency. Inside, a high capacity, all-metal centrifugal clutch delivers maximum digging power and consistent performance over an extend service life. The exclusive Gen2 Comfort Flex® operator handles provide enhanced control and balance. Innovative elastomeric mounting and composite technology are used to help isolate the vibration induced fatigue to effectively maximize operator strength and increase control. The added durability and performance provided by a smooth, 4 Stroke engine meeting applicable emission and noise standards helps provide the competitive edge when tackling tough demands of both industrial and construction related hole digging projects. With a wide range of augers from 51 mm to 305 mm diameter, the 235 Hole Digger is ideally suited for both the home owner and small contractor alike. For use with the 2135 series augers.
The time proven 300 Series Hole Diggers are designed to tackle a wide range of construction related hole digging projects... from simple backyard fencing to complex landscaping and soil sampling. Each built with oversized bearings, heat treated shafts and precision, machine cut gears, that has created an industry wide reputation for delivering long service life and exceptional ROI. All with the power and performance to dig up to 457 mm diameter holes in a wide variety of soil classifications. The unique Comfort-Flex™ operator handles actually flex under load to help absorb vibration and kickback forces encountered. This feature dramatically reduces operator fatigue, increases productivity rates and enhances jobsite safety. The M330H is for use with the 4400 Series earth augers and 5500 Series auger extensions. The M357H has a Stihl type connection.
The one-man, hydraulically operated, 660 DIG-R-MOBILE® is the ideal solution for many fence, sign installation and general construction related projects. The 660 boasts the most powerful hydraulic system that delivers more usable digging torque to the auger than any machine in its class. Precision balance, enhanced operator ergonomics and unmatched towing stability all team up to provide a machine with productivity and ROI that defines the marketplace standards. The use of provided hydraulic quick couplers gives the 660 DIG-RMOBILE the unique capability to power a wide variety of hydraulic tools. Concrete contractors, sign erection and fencing crews now have a ready power source to operate jackhammers, saws, post pullers, and post drivers for even more versatility. The exclusive SNAPLOK™ Auger Storage System stores the auger and lowers the operator handle for easier manoeuvring while on the jobsite.

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