The SprayCannon 15 Self Supporting is especially designed to cover both small outdoor areas where dust and odour suppression is required. The machine is perfectly suitable for small demolition, recycling, construction applications, and agriculture. Also it can be successfully used at asbestos removal sites. The system contains a water bowser of 1140 Liters, a 4 kVa Generator, pressure pump and SprayCannon 15SS, all integrated on a two axled trailer which is approved for public roads. The SprayCannon15SS will create very fine mist and due to the Air Flow coming from the fan, the very fine water droplets will be thrown to 15 meters far of 8 meter high. The system can run self-sufficient for 4 hours. On top of it all a powerful, well protected fan and especially designed nozzles including filter will take care of the job properly and safe.

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