The 250, 500 and 900 litre Fuelcubes are all well suited to a wide variety of small-to-medium scale applications. These bunded diesel tanks feature an all-steel construction and are designed and manufactured in accordance with the latest regulations. Features include a secure lockable door that opens with a gas strut, and high-flow hand pump with 3 metres of hose and a trigger. The Fuelcubes are stackable and can be lifted full of fuel using the lifting eyes. Generator flow and return pipes are fitted as standard. For use with diesel and gas oil.
Built in accordance with the ADR fuel transportation regulations and with full U.N. certification, the 500, 1000 and 2000 litre highway bowsers provide an ideal solution for transporting fuel on the highway. The fully bunded tank is constructed from steel throughout and is seated on a tough galvanised tubular steel chassis. Highway specific features include handbrake and hydraulically damped overrun braked hitch, with mudguards, lights and high speed specification axles and  tyres. The inner tank features a baffled design to ensure the tank is stable when on the road. The delivery equipment and inlets/outlets to the inner tank are housed in a secure, lockable cabinet at the rear of the tank. For use with diesel and gas oil.
This range of fuel tanks is made of 3 and 4 mm thick steel en complies with the current regulations. The tank is idiot-proof due to the robust construction and the lockable cabinet and it is protected against damage and theft. The FuelStores are available in 500 to 2500 liter and are completely UN/ADR approved, which makes them suitable for road transport of diesel. The tanks are available with a large range of pump options.
Available for the 500, 1000, and 1500 Liter FuelStores. The frame with three-point hitch enables tractors and other machines to easily and safely move the FuelStores. This system contributes to increased flexibility and efficiency for a range of applications.
The double-walled generator tank of Fuel Proof is a strong user-friendly product with a good price/quality ratio. The compact and stackable system of these tanks makes it suitable for many applications. The tanks are made of 3 and 4 mm steel and are therefore very strong and resistant to very heavy use.
The series of lightweight AdBlue tanks are ideal for transporting AdBlue. They are supplied complete with pump and refueling nozzle. In addition, there are fork braces for easy lifting of the tanks, and handles for lifting the tank when it’s empty. The tank can be secured during transport using the cutouts.

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