eurogate international
We are EuroGate International, founded by Pieter Jansen. Pieter is building up his experience in the international sales and trades since 1978. At EuroGate International he is using his knowledge of Europe, his experience in leading teams and reach targets. He is the perfect person who can take many responsibilities out of your hands.

The headoffice is located in Dedemsvaart close to the German border. With the present staff they provide all service to the costumers.

However, the EuroGate International team is larger, existing of independent sales agents. Supported by EuroGate International they sell the products in their own area. That’s why EuroGate International is creating sales in Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, France, Poland, England, Norway and Russia.

To keep everything controlled EuroGate International is cooperating strictly with partners in finances, maintance of machines and marketing related isues.

The range of products depends on the manufacturer and are rental related. During the cooperation between the manufacturer and EuroGate International there has grown a strong relation.

What do we do?

EuroGate International is founded to create an entry port for foreign, mainly American, manufacturers to sell their products in Europe. The needed CE-approval is arranged by EuroGate International for different manufactures. The products did get their CE-approval and selling could be started, however there was nobody to sell the products.

Because EuroGate International has arranged the first beginning of the European sales the ball has rolled further to where it is now. EuroGate Internatioal picked up the sales, and is now selling the full range of products and it has now come to a full mutual support by the manufacturers to EuroGate International.

By using this concept, EuroGate International sells the products from five brands. The increasing line in the number of sales makes EuroGate International a reliable partner for the manufacturer and customer.

European suppliers for top rental products!