Model S Drain cleaning machine The Model S is the drain cleaner with a stainless reputation for handling small clogs. Features a hand-held 1,27 cm drill-powered machine for cleaning small, inside lines 3,81 cm - 6,35 cm in diameter. Double insulated commercial grade 1,27 cm heavy-duty drill for shock prevention. Equipped with 7,6 meter of 0,95 cm diameter Expanded End Inner Core (EIC) cable*. Lightweight stainless steel cable drum won’t rust, break or crack. Cast aluminum hand guard is designed for safety and ease-of-use.
Model E Drain cleaning machine Designed specifically for the rental industry, the Model E has several unique features such as a steel inner-drum, epoxy coated cage*, cord wraps, and a rear bar for motor protection. Unit holds up to 22,86 meter of 1,27 cm diameter “galvanized aircraft wire” inner core cable. Cleans 3,18 cm - 7,62 cm diameter lines.
The Model R Drain Cleaning Machine features a Flex Leader and an extra heavy-duty frame constructed of 3,18 cm steel tubing. The 30,48 cm Flex Leader helps negotiate bends and traps, and is now standard with the Model R Tool Set. The unit is designed to clean 7,62 - 15,24 cm diameter lines up to 30 meter with the unique TRI-MAX inner core cable -- the toughest cable in the industry. The Model R is powered by a heavy-duty 1/3 HP capacitor motor and utilizes easy “snap-lock” tool connectors. Belt Guard makes maintenance and repair faster and easier. This compact and rugged machine is ideal in situations with limited work space.
The Original dual cable sectional drain & sewer cleaning machine from Electric Eel. The Model C cleans 7,62 - 25,4 cm diameter lines with up to 61 meter of 3,18 cm self-feeding dual cable in 2,44 meter sections (that require no handling when rotating). This time tested machine spins cable at twice the RPM of a continuous cable machine for maximum cleaning power in 7,62 - 25,4 cm diameter lines. The unit weighs only 32.66 kilo, so along with the folding handle, loading and transportation is easy. The Model C is the best unit available for tougher blockages such as tree roots and for longer runs in main sewer lines.
The Model Z5 is designed for longer runs in 3,18 cm – 7,62 cm drain lines. Comes with the market’s toughest 1,27 cm x 22,86 meter genuine galvanized aircraft wire inner core cable (cage* holds up to 30 meter of 1,27 cm cable) and a heavy-duty 1/3 HP motor. Large 25 cm wheels for maneuverability. Folding handle allows for easy transport and storage. Easy-to-use wheel brake stabilizes the unit while in operation. Cable guide and inner drum eliminate cable tangling in the cage*. Versatile 5 piece tool set and a drum-shaft safety slip clutch.

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