The independent European supplier of top rental products.

In 2011 EuroGate International started his business in the European market. Started to represent the products from the American company General Equipment, has grown to representing the products from Rhino Tool (USA), TireSocks (USA), Electric Eel (USA) and FuelProof (UK). All these products are construction- and green industry related. All manufactures are producing high quality products and provide a high service level. That's why EuroGate International can offer the same quality products and service.

    We supply for example the following products on the European market:
  • Hole Diggers, surface preparation machines and ventilators produced by General Equipment;
  • Post Drivers produced by Rhino Tool;
  • Drain- en sewer cleaning equipment produced by Electric Eel;
  • Floor protection products produced by TireSocksl;
  • and Fuelstorage products produduced by FuelProof.

In the overview below you can find our full range of products. If you have any questions we are happy to help.

European suppliers for top rental products!

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